Congested Area Training

Practical & Theory Course - £699 per person

1-Day Course Includes:

Classroom Exercises

  • Typical hazards when operating in congested areas
  • Zone management including the use of cordons and co-pilots to control the zones
  • Flight planning and mitigating risk
  • Management of the flight operations team (FOT)
  • Use of observers when flying close to structures
  • Maintaining ‘blue-sky’ between the UA and structures

Flight Training:

  • Take-off and landing from confined spaces
  • Advanced flight training in non-GPS modes. Includes:
    • Orientation training
    • Accurate control
    • Wind compensation
    • Distance flying
    • Maintaining a close, but constant distance from a structure
    • Wind shear in close proximity to structures
  • Emergency procedures:
    • Recovery from disorientation at distance
    • Simulated loss of line-of-sight
    • Loss of GPS
    • Magnetic interference
    • Recovery to a position of safety
    • Safe escape trajectories
    • Emergency response plan

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