UAS Accountable Manager Training

Learn from the best...

A compact, one-to-one, remote training course for those who want to be best UAS Accountable Managers.

The course is suitable for all Accountable Managers of UAS operations. It is particularly useful for larger organisations, those who operate in high risk environments, or those who want to be operating at the highest industry standards

The training covers:

· Regulatory Requirements & Compliance

· Governance and Policy

· Quality Assurance including Audit

· Management Roles and Responsibilities

· Operational Structure

· Recruitment Considerations

· Internal Communications & Briefings

· Standards and Procedures

· Safety and Risk Management

· Operations Management

· Training Management

· Equipment Management

Training is delivered remotely on a 1-to-1 basis using the Google G-Suite application so that both instructor and delegate can work together during the training. Modules are delivered as presentation slides, and include collaborative hands-on exercises to help the Accountable Manager apply this knowledge accurately to their operation.

The course normally takes 2 days to complete.

A package of supporting material and tools such as checklists, audits, and other management tools will be provided on completion of the training to help them in their role on an ongoing basis.

The Accountable Manager will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the course.