Drone Surveying Training

Drone Surveying E-Learning Course

Fleet UAS has developed an online e-learning course in conjunction with Coptrz, one of the leading UK drone training providers. This course was developed by James Dunthorne, who was responsible for integrating drones into one of the leading chartered surveying companies in the UK, and developed the world's most accurate drone survey for Network Rail (Link)

The course is designed to bridge the gap between drones and surveying, and is aimed at drone operators, surveyors, engineers and construction companies to help them to deliver accurate data reliably on a project by project basis. On this course you will learn how to produce high quality and accurate 2D and 3D deliverables including topographical surveys, BIM models, elevation models and orthophotos, and what it takes to ensure that you meet survey specifications first time, every time

Due to being an e-learning course, you can complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you wish. If you only have a spare 30 minutes each day, this course can be completed in about 5 weeks. However if you have the time, you can get through the content in less than 2 days. Upon completion you will be provided with a certificate of completion

Course Modules - (Total 12 hours)

  1. Introduction to photogrammetry

  2. Photogrammetry Theory

  3. Photography Principals

  4. Installing Control Networks

  5. Data Capture

  6. Processing

  7. Data Extraction

  8. Data Accuracy

  9. Quality Assurance

  10. Equipment

  11. Practical: Flight Planning

  12. Practical: Topographical Surveys

  13. Practical: BIM/ 3D Modelling

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