Fleet UAS provides training to equip pilots, surveyors, engineers and other industry professionals with the skills required to operate drone safely and effectively, in even the most challenging and risky environments

Obtaining high quality accurate data consistently is difficult unless you have the knowledge and expertise drawn from completing 100's of surveys. Our expert pioneered the Vogel R3D concept in 2017, the worlds most accurate drone surveying solution. This service was hailed as a game changer by the chief engineer of Network Rail, and was verified to achieve 5mm accuracies from a position of safety. Achieving these accuracies consistently requires an in depth knowledge of photogrammetry and surveying methodology

Our drone surveyor training package will take you from novice to expert in just 2 days

Our training expert has also flown 100's of jobs in central London, 3D modelling iconic structures such as Big Ben, Grenfell Tower and Wimbledon's Tennis Courts. He was responsible for building one of the UK's leading drone operations, and developed operating procedures for a team of 5 drones pilots operating in congested areas under a 10m operational safety case

Based on this experience, Fleet UAS has developed a congested area course which will not only prepare you to operate safely in built up areas, and navigate the complex legal hurdles which are present, but will also help you obtain an Operational Safety Case for reduced distances. Contact us to learn more...