Fleet UAS provide consultancy in a range of disciplines within the UAS sector, with particular focus on risk management, data capture, regulation and strategy. Our lead consultant has been in the UAS industry for over 10 years, with experience in military, academic and commercial environments

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Risk Management

Managing risk in your organisation is important in order to reduce costs, reduce delays and ensure long term success. We help operators, manufacturers and training providers mange their risk to:

  • Align the development of their drone to new or existing regulations
  • Ensure a product meets industry requirements
  • Ensure that risk controls are fit for purpose
  • Ensure that governance of a company is adequate

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Proof of Concept Trials

Fleet UAS helps companies complete proof of concepts for a range of applications, whether that is:

  • Package delivery trials
  • Medical delivery trials
  • BVLOS trials
  • Swarming trials
  • High accuracy surveying trials

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The drone industry is an ever changing environment with new technological capabilities, new regulations and new applications

Fleet UAS can help you navigate this complex environment using our expert consultants to provide you with the best advice

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