Fleet UAS provides a range of consultancy services, which are valued by some of the worlds top organisations. Our team has over 30 years combined experience, working in military, academic and commercial environments. We have played a part in some of the world's leading drone projects.

We pride ourselves in offering innovative and industry leading advice for our clients, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our clients are developing BVLOS capabilities, high accuracy surveying, internal training programs for their pilots, and drone light shows across the globe.

Drone Strategy

Drone technology and regulation is changing rapidly, and having the wrong strategy can result in huge amounts of wasted time and money.

Buying the wrong equipment, having the wrong business structure, employing the wrong type of people, and managing data poorly, are mistakes which we see companies make time and time again.

We can help you to navigate this complex environment using our team of consultants who have extensive experience in this industry. Whether you are a company who wants to integrate drones into your existing business, or you are a start-up manufacturer who is building the next big thing, Fleet UAS can help you get it right, first time.

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Proof of Concept Trials

Fleet UAS help companies to undergo proof of concept drone trials to better understand how drone technology can reduce costs, reduce risks, and improve deliverables. Whether you are trying to:

  • Develop drone delivery capabilities

  • Create drone survey and inspection deliverables

  • Deliver drone light shows

  • Improve asset maintenance practices

  • Use drones for emergency response

We can provide you with an initial free consultation to help set your expectations of what is possible, and develop a strategy and series of tests to ensure you get the most out of the proof of concept.

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Drone Operations Audit

Fleet UAS provides internal audits to check your companies compliance with your Operations Manual and CAA regulations.

  • Are you wanting to maintain high standards?

  • Have you had significant changes in your operation such as losing key staff?

  • Are you concerned about a CAA audit and want it to go smoothly?

Our audit service will help to ensure that you don't get any nasty surprises, and ensure you are operating compliantly.

Our 100-point drone operations audit is unique in the industry and covers both office-based and on-site activities. Once completed our team will provide a report of our findings which includes an assessment of risk and compliance, our suggested remedial actions, and advice on changes to your procedures, training and management.

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Drone Risk Management

Managing risk within your organisation is an important process if you want to reduce costs, delays and minimise disruption to your business. We help organisations manage their risk by ensuring:

  • Products, processes and services are compliant with regulations

  • Products and services meets the needs of your customer

  • Risk controls are sufficient to reduce the chances of an incident

  • Governance is effectively managed for your drone operation

If you want some reassurance that you are minimising risk, Fleet UAS can help. We will complete an analysis and provide you with a report which will help you address the key risks to your business. We provide you with effective strategies to get you back on track.

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Data Management

Many companies use drones to collect data, and return back to the office and download it on a hard drive which is never looked at again. To derive the true value of your drone data, your organisation must collect it correctly, manage it effectively, and analyse it intelligently.

There are literally hundreds of solutions to manage and analyse drone data within your organisation, but which one is right for you?

Fleet UAS provides independent advice on data capture techniques to ensure that quality remains consistent across your organisation. We advise on which data management and analytics tools will be most effective in extracting the optimum value out of the data you are collecting. Why collect data if you are not going to use it?

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